Hi, I’m M.R. , a writer with a broad interest in managing personal finances to attain financial freedom to be able to retire comfortably.

I write this blog to answer questions I myself have had at one stage or another. With the hope that others find it useful.

I immigrated to United States in 2007 for my education. I graduated with a student loan of about $40,000.

Today, in less than 10 years since I have been in this county I have completely paid of my student loans and own multiple investment properties.

I believe that small incremental smart financial decisions I have made everyday has taken me once step closer to achieving financial freedom.

I did not graduate from a big school, I am not a wall street professional with a huge salary and neither am I a trust fund kid.

I am just your regular next door neighbor who has been able to do this by making small incremental smart financial decisions.

I have done this while making several mistakes. In the period of these 10 years I have faced several challenges and always wished that there were resources which help people make smart financial decisions.

America is truly a land of opportunities and I truly believe that anyone can live the american dream and achieve financial freedom.

You don’t need to possess special skills to do this. All you need is an unrelenting urge to achieve financial freedom. Anyone can achieve financial freedom by making small incremental smart financial decisions. My story proves it.

My Story

I came to this country in 2007 to pursue my education in engineering. My parents own a small convenience store back home. I came to this country with $ 10,000 that my parents were able cobble together with their savings. I had no scholarship and I had to pay out of state tuition fees. I had to work part time at the university while I was studying to be able to pay for my living expenses. I was able to get internships for 2 semesters while I was going to school. I saved as much as possible during my internship which I used to pay my tuition fees. I also graduated 2 semesters sooner which helped me start working sooner. paying off the student loan has provided the peace of mind and provided money for discretionary spending that I could use to fund my investment properties that took me one step closer to financial freedom.

Lesson from my Parents

Growing up there was a strong focus on frugality and savings. We always got the necessities even if we didn’t often splurge on fancy things.  I couldn’t see it at the time, but the frugality encouraged during my childhood made me realize how little most of that stuff mattered. This helped me focus on things that really mattered such as investing in family and relationships.

My experiences also taught me how incredibly far saving early and making steady improvement can take you.


We all have different starting points. Your situation could have been better or worse than mine. You may have better or worse breaks than I had in my career. That means our results won’t be exactly identical.

But one thing is for sure, by making consistent small incremental smart financial decisions you will be able to achieve financial freedom. Steady, incremental improvement is a strategy that works for everyone.

Get Started

This blog is not for people who are looking for get rich quick scheme.

This blog is about providing you information to put you in control of your destiny and achieving financial freedom.

You don’t have to stop living your life. You don’t have to be a genius. You simply need to improve one small piece of your financial system at a time to achieve your ultimate goal of financial freedom.


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